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Trinity Pilates Goes Virtual!

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Trinity Pilates is offering an expanded virtual class schedule. Mondays at 9:30, join us for Restore + Core, Wednesdays at 8:30am, join us for Wednesday Workout. Please drop us a line so that we can discuss any injuries, limitations, or concerns that you might have before coming to a class if you are new!

​Are you looking for something more than a typical workout?

Trinity Pilates offers private instruction tailored to your needs--whether you need help to recover from an injury and stay injury-free, want a change in your routine, or you are starting to exercise for the first time. Group classes are small and give you personal attention and ensure your understanding of the method from theory to practicing good form.

What are the benefits of Pilates?
Whole body muscle strengthening, core training, rehabilitation from injuries, weight loss, and better body awareness are just a few of the many benefits you can reap from Pilates.
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