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The Studio

After completing my teacher training in 2000, I dreamed of having my own studio. The advice of my mentors kept reverberating in my mind, though: "Wait until you've taught for several years before you open your own studio. You are still learning, and you will always be learning, but work surrounded by more experienced instructors first."


I followed their advice, and after teaching full-time in a private Pilates studio for three years, part time in a large health club, and running all over town teaching various classes and clients, I began to pursue my dream. We had bought a new (to us--it was built in 1921) house that had an old recording studio in the full-daylight basement. It was complete with its own entrance, soundproofing insulation, a control room, and voice booth. When we walked into the space, I told my husband, "this will be perfect for a studio."


Construction took a couple of years, but when it was done, I knew I had created a space that would welcome the community of clients I wanted to create. My home studio is my personal Zen space, offering serenity when life gets overhwhelming. I feel pretty certain that my clients share my feelings. The space itself has a calming effect, allowing you to leave your worries behind and take time for yourself to renew, refresh, and revive. 


Whether you join a class, or a private session, my goal is to help you on your path to wellness, whatever that means for you that day.


At Trinity Pilates, you will feel the difference in our personalized service, professional attitude, and unique qualifications that can help you acheive your wellness goals and personal best!

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